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Competitions and Festivals for our 2018 season: 

Peak Invitational  (April 9th – 15th 2018)

Dance Power 2  (April 23rd- 29th 2018)

Dance Strong Festival (May 2nd- 6th 2018)


Festivals and Competitions are a great way for students to gain performing experience and receive valuable feedback on their dance skills from an adjudicator. Select classes participate in between 1 and 3 festivals/competitions each year.

The most important element required for participation and success at dance festivals and competitions is commitment. Each dancer's regular attendance at classes is essential if to put a polished and entertaining choreography routine together. Dancers are expected to come to each class with full knowledge of choreography taught the previous week.  Teachers/choreographers reserve the right to remove a student from a routine if attendance, tardiness, lack of effort or poor attitude is negatively affecting the quality of the routine or the class environment. The experience of success through teamwork is our goal for our festival classes.

Festival fees are not covered by tuition fees and will be charged separately. There is an entry fee of between $40 and $45 per student for each group. Fees are due on November 16th.  Festival organizers do not refund fees once paid.  Therefore Emerge Dance Academy cannot issue refunds for entry fees. Unpaid fees may result in the student not being able to participate.

Scheduling is done by each organization and we do not know exact days/times until about a month prior. You will be notified as to the specific day/time of your performance via newsletter and information will be posted on the website.

Please note that specific hair and make-up may be requested by your teacher. A parent viewing day prior to festival time will be held for each class to answer questions about hair, make-up and costume details. 

On the day of festival, dancers will be required to arrive at the theatre a minimum of one hour before scheduled dance time with hair and make-up already done.  Teachers may request that students arrive earlier than 1 hour ahead since festivals reserve the right to run a full half hour ahead of schedule.  Parents should be aware that some festivals charge an admission fee for spectators.

Stage Makeup

Professional Stage Make-up is an essential part of performing. Stage lighting and the distance of the audience make the dancer appear washed out, "flat" and expressionless. The purpose of stage makeup is to add color to the skin and to exaggerate the features, making them clearly visible to the audience. Proper application will ensure that the eyes and lips are clearly visible to the audience fifty feet away. Dancers 6 years old and younger should use hypoallergenic make-up and it should be applied sparingly, especially around the eye area. 

Ages 3 - 10

Ages 10- 18

How to make a proper ballet bun!


Please arrive 1 hour and 15 min ahead of time dressed and ready to go. You can arrive even earlier and change in the dressing rooms. Please have hair and make-up already done, if you prefer to get ready at the theatre, arrive earlier and be dressed and ready 1 hour and 15 min ahead. If you are nervous about applying make-up please do a test run. Please do not eat while in your costume or drink any liquids that could stain if they are spilled.

Peak Invitational and Dance Power are both held at Myer Horowitz Theatre, which is located   upstairs in the Student Union Building (above the food court) at the University of Alberta. Park in the stadium car park as there is a pedway to the SUB or the Education car park is close as well. There is a fee for parking, you can submit your ticket when you exit to the attendant to get a refund for any unused hours during the weekdays. Evenings and weekends are a flat rate.

We will meet all of our students in the lobby, from there we will take the dancers to rehearsal hall (Dinwoodie lounge). After we dance on stage, please meet your child in Dinwoodie lounge. Peak and Dance Power hold their awards every 4 hours. We would like all the students to stay, but we understand if it is not possible.

Dance Strong is held at the Arden Theatre in St.Albert.

It is so important to be on time, as the children need the time to prepare for their time on stage. This is a very exciting time for the children so please show your support and give yourself the necessary time. These events can run 30 min ahead of schedule and if you fall behind and are late, we might not get to have the crucial run through in rehearsal hall as their always is a line up of groups from all the other dance studio's waiting to rehearse. Your dancers need this time to feel confident and to be with their teacher and their team mates.

Hopefully we have answered any questions you might have. We are so proud of our dancers and know you are too! Regardless of the placement we focus on the process, the team building and the opportunity participating in a festival has to offer our dancers, we hope you will too!

Emerge Dance Academy